My name is Annika Toijanen. I´ m an open-minded, driven and structured Artist and Designer with a vivid imagination and a humble approach to life.  I devide my time and creativity between my art, craft and design and with a healthy dose of problem solving added to the mix I get the inspiration and variation I need to keep evolving and improving with every new project I undertake. 

MY ART - Is a way for me to reasearch my Finnish heritage - a heretage from a country I´ ve never lived in, with a language I only partly speak but that holds my entire family history. Read more about it here.

MY DESIGN - is often centered around solving every day problems, fix things that doesn´t work, creating smart living solutions and/or to create new things out of something that has already had a life in another form. Find out more about it here.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through my website. Please don´ t hesitate to contact me with any enquiries you may have, ideas for collaborations and/or other business opportunities.

Til then, I wish you a creative day!

Picture:     Soilu in motion 2022, Segels Torg, Stockholm.