I have been invited to exhibit my art in the group exhibition "IN MOTION" that can be viewed in Superellipsen at Sergels Torg between January 17 and February 20, 2022. My contribution "Soilu in Motion" is created out of five of my lake shapes, inspired by family history and a small forest lake called Soilu, situated in northern Finland, where my grandmother was born and grew up. In total there are 5.000 strips of paper mounted into five wooden frames. 

The pieces are all made out of exactly the same kind of copy paper with a slight blue tint in them to make the paper really crispy white. By hanging them in different angles and using both artificial and natural light to illuminate them  they look completely different depending on where you stand in the room. The blue tint is enhanced in the paper to create different shades in them even though they only hang 1 to 3 meters a part from each other. They have an airy feel when you look at them from straight a head and a more dense feel when seen from the side.