In the course "Food in the kitchen", a collaboration with Electrolux, we explored and worked out design proposals that are related to processing, cooking or storing food in the kitchen. This is my design proposal - The Precisions hob.

The precision hob is a stylish and practical kit for the trendy couple, the social family or the culinary single. The hob is a development of the traditional wood burning stove and the included pan is designed to always be in the hob, ready for use. The PRECISION HOB has a submerged part that encloses the saucepan part with heat for a quick boil and safe temperature maintenance.

Place the grid on top of the saucepan to steam food while cooking in the lower part. The lid of the pan can also be used as a frying pan and / or serving dish. The rapid heating of the hob and the stably placed pan eliminates the need for other kitchen appliances such as kettles and fryers. Get creative and spruce up your leftovers to reduce food waste. Try making your own varieties of tapas, dumplings, spring rolls, fondue or tempura-fried tired vegetables and much more.