For five weeks, we have worked individually to develop, design and build a completely new product to fit into an existing company's product range (the assignment is a school assignment within the school course "Branding").

In my design, I have worked with the company Hultafors, a Swedish company that manufactures and sells a large range of hand and measuring tools. Today, their only product for storage is a bucket without compartments and therefore I have chosen to work out a smart and stylish crossbody vest where you can store the tools needed for work where it is not appropriate to bring the entire toolbox such as work on ladder or in cramped spaces.

For me, it is important that the product does not become too narrow in what it can be used for or by whom. The TOOL VEST is therefore equipped with most functions and pockets in different sizes and materials so it can be used by both the professional craftsman and the amateur for home projects and various hobby and leisure activities.