During the the ongoing Covid pandemic work from home has become a normal occurance for many people all over the world. But few have the necessary space, furniture and storage to be able to separate work life from home life when they have to co-exist. Then take in to account the variation of how many people live in different households and how often each person need to work from home and it´s easy to see the need for flexible solutions.

U-turn is an add-on for tables in order to create a flexible and ergonomic work space at home. It is made out of stainless steel and comes in two different hights. The lower one is for work in a seated position at a sofa table, the higher version creates a work space for a standing position out of a regular kitchen table or work desk. 

All you have to do is fasten the U-turn to the table with the attached metal clamps or use it free-standing on a flat surface. U-turn increases both the hight of the table it´s attached to as well as reaches away from the it so that your legs can fit under it for a more ergonomic work position. When you are done working for the day, loosen the clamps, turn it around and store your work stuff in it. 

Out of sight and out of mind...




I´m working on a solution where you can make your regular kitchen or work table into a version for work in a standing position.