In the course "Action & Failure" we take our starting point in the theme "The future". Within the framework of the theme I have chosen to work with housing of the future and more specifically a better use of the corners in our homes.

Here below I present my design proposal, the corner lamp EFFEKT, which is primarily aimed at tenants who are in need of activity-based housing with spaces and rooms that can adapt as needed. The lamp is also excellent for interior design enthusiasts who are looking for a stylish, practical and smart detail for their home.

EFFEKT is a collapsible corner lamp that is designed to create flexible surfaces through light and shadow, create a feeling of privacy when needed and take up minimal space when not in use. All that is needed is an empty corner, a couple of screws and an electrical outlet - in return, EFFEKT casts fantastic shadows on the  walls and floors around it.

EFFEKT has been a part of Stockholm Design Week 2021. First in Greenhouse 2021 and also in the exhibition "At Last" in Superellipsen at Sergels Torg.


Adjust the lamp's intensity and light by opening and closing the four laminas. Press the lamina to close it and pull it out to open it again. When the lamp is closed, it lies close to the wall and takes up minimal space in the room.

Översta lamellen har en uplight funktion integrerad i sig.

Nedersta lamellen har integrerad läsbelysning riktad nedåt.