The land of my ancestors is often called the "Land of a Thousand Lakes" - but as a native of Sweden, my view and feeling for Finland and my family history is not at all the same as for my mother who was born there. As the first of two children, she was born to grandmother Aino and grandfather Väinö two years after the end of World War II. Grandma's hometown of Kuusamo was occupied by the Germans during the war and all the inhabitants were evacuated to other places in the country with only what they themselves were able to carry with them. Once the war ended and the Germans left the area, it turned out that they had dug down the church bells and burned down the whole village. Today, a statue stands erected in the middle of the village dedicated to the men and women who rebuilt Kuusamo after the end of the war.

The work TWO THOUSAND LAKES shows the shadow of a war seen from two different perspectives, mine and my mother's eyes. A thousand lakes out of two different pairs of eyes ...

TWO THOUSAND LAKES is created from 2.000 strips of white copy paper mounted in a wooden frame. The work was shown at my solo exhibition at Galleri Candyland in Stockholm during November 2018.